Everything changes in your life when as a new mother you choose to take a new path, because as soon as you give birth, the new path has already begun. Your perception of seeing things modifies and you become that certain protector for your baby (or in other cases your babies, if you have twins). New and interesting days start to appear in your life as you’ll be the one taking care of your new-borns from now on. Your family is starting to grow and get larger, little footsteps are starting to be heard in the house and joyful laughter is surrounding you, it’s now like everywhere in your house.

The families that want twins can have their reasons for that and the most common is the possibility to enjoy the great and unexpected moments of the large families, like on holidays or any other events. Or just that one child will have a partner during his childhood, so that there is no loneliness and they can share their toys, experiences, memories and many other things. For some parents, twins can offer double work but the rewarding that comes afterwards is worth it.

When you are taking into account the fact that conceiving twins is related on some parts with genetics, you will get to understand that there are chances for you to influence conceiving twins. The legacy left in your family from your mother’s side of the family can influence a lot and the chances of conceiving twins increase and double or even triple, if your ancestors had twins. This is due to the gene inherited when your ovaries are producing more than one egg.

Other benefits can come at an older age. For example, women who passed 42 years or so are prone to have increasing chances in conceiving twins. With other words it can be said that a link exists between the age when a woman wants to increase her odds in having twins and the chances of achieving this goal, due to her biological clock that gives the start to her ovaries, accelerating the process. But there are certain risks that an older woman exposes to. At this age it can be more prone to miscarriage or the fetuses can suffer some chromosomal abnormalities.

Yet conceiving twins can reduce a lot from the other pregnancy-related problems that might occur when a woman at such an age has a single pregnancy. So we might say that in some way, for women over 40-42 years of age, having twins is like a safety method, a preventive escape from many undesired problems.

Many surveys made by American specialists attest the fact that gaining weight influences this process in conceiving twins and the women with a higher level of body mass index can become twin mothers or even deliver more babies. But in all these some caution measures have to be taken, because the obesity records many other health problems like heart disease or higher cholesterol, and can also produce a certain difficulty in conceiving twins or in some cases even as bad as infertility. It would be wise to gain some kilos if you truly desire is to have twins, but all women should have an equilibrated lifestyle.

There are many cases in which mothers with multiple pregnancies or with twins had delivered more babies again, in comparison with the mothers who are giving birth for the first time in their lives and also in comparison with mothers who have had only single pregnancies. So if you enter in this category (you already had twins) then your chances of conceiving twins are multiplying.

Certain foods influence the process of having twins a lot, because they contain some substances or vitamins that are driving your body to ovulate more. For example, women who had consumed or eaten a basic dairy product day by day in the time they tried to conceive expand their chances more than four times, compared to women who don’t want to taste and eat dairy products (even if they know they should).

To be well nourished is a huge advantage when you want to become a twin mother, but this has to be made properly of course, because gaining weight is an important change for your body and you should consult your doctor about any plans you have to gain that weight. In other cases, if you don’t respect the limitations and rules of your own body, you might simply end up in suffering from obesity as a disease, being exposed to dozens of other diseases as well. This is why medical advices are so important!

Another interesting fact is that if you eat yams (a certain kind of sweet potatoes), your odds will also increase. This vegetable is considered to possess a type of chemical that apparently influences the process of conceiving twins a lot. A mark of this success is imprinted in the Yoruba tribe that is situated in Africa, where many women got pregnant with twins.

Advices can be given leading into the direction of pills or IVF. Even though IVF (in vitro fertilization) is not cheap, the result for using it can bring you to see the deepest desire of your heart fulfilled. This fertility treatment is based on the method of inserting multiple eggs that will drastically increase (expressed in percentage) your chances of conceiving twins, considering the fact that usually, at your ovulation cycle, only one egg is being produced.

The fertilization treatment can also be based on Clomid, a pill which is prescribed by the doctors to the women who present problems with their ovulation. However, if you consider taking it as a healthy woman, this will lead you to hyper ovulate due to the level of estrogen which is starting to grow in your body. The way of administration for this pill is oral. Do not hesitate to get help from your doctor or any other specialist in this matter, so that you find the exact indications for taking these pills.

You can try conceiving twins also when as a mother you are breastfeeding, as this process can guarantee safety leverage, due to the increasing chances and fertility. The concept of missing ovulation because of lactating is denied by many mothers who got pregnant with twins while they were breastfeeding. This might seem a bit extreme for some women, but based on studies and based on what thousands of mothers already experienced across the world, it is an excellent moment in your life to conceive twins. If your desire is truly deep, you will definitely want to try this method and trust me that you won’t be disappointed!

As an individual you are surprised many times,without doing anything in this direction, but the blessing of becoming twice a mother in the same time can be a ray of light, and a double joy. In this process of conceiving twins all you have to do is to have the luck on your side, a lot of confidence and the ambition to pursue your dream of being pregnant with twins.

Conceiving twins will double your efforts of nurturing them and your work will be divided but after a period of growing, things will become a lot easier for you. The experience gathered will serve you as a guide for the future pregnancies or for advices given to the new mothers who start on this path.