The maternal figure of the mother is always associated by children with words like love, affection, nurture, kindness and so on. Meeting the idea of becoming a mother can bring many changes. For example, regarding your body, your womb will become a little house for the unborn. You will experience a wide range of emotions and feelings that will develop and vary a lot according to each person.

But the blessing of having a baby or more can’t be compared with other things. To know that you’ve carried your baby inside night and day during a process of developing can be an interesting and a touching feeling. The life given is more appreciated and your endless affection towards your child will make you feel like a changed person, a new person who starts a new chapter of her own life.

Many women want to have more babies than just one, and in the case that you are part of the category of women who wish to have twins, here are some useful tips that start usually based on the diet, genetics (if there were any cases in your family) and nonetheless your own lifestyle.

The motifs why a woman wants to have twins can vary a lot from reasons like wanting a large family or having two children, to reasons such as a their own babies’ childhood fulfillment (so that the children won’t feel alone).

But you will have to look a little bit into the genetics of your family, because the chances of conceiving twins can be on an average of 2% or a little bit more. But if in your family (on your mother’s side) there were cases of twins conceived then your chances of having them increase automatically.

Based on specialized surveys, being from African descent means that your chances are much higher, followed (based on the number of cases) by the mothers that are of European descent. The lowest estimation of having twins is situated in the people of Hispanic and Asian origins.

But of course there are other methods that will help you have the wanted twins, for example if you are tall or you are keeping a good diet or even if you have an extra amount of kilos with the proper nourishment (I refer to a healthy amount of extra kilos), then your chances can increase. This tip is strictly based on what is happening with your body and it is indicated to consult a doctor when you are pursuing a weight gaining diet and lifestyle change.

An interesting fact is that the families in which there are more children, the chances for having twins increase a lot. This phenomenon is due to the prior pregnancies, and because your body is now used to it and it can take the process of birth a lot easier.

The age can matter in this process of having twins, if as a woman you are between 41 and even more years than your chances of having twins is higher, reaching a percentage of 6% and even more. Older women are predisposed to get IVF and this is also increasing their chances. The body ovulation is much higher at this age because the biological clock is ticking faster. Of course that you should take all the options into consideration before you decide to have twins at this age because the percent of miscarriage is higher and some complications might appear.

Since you need to take good care of yourself, you should be determined in this process to take your vitamins. Also, the supplements based on folic acid are known to increase your chances of having twins. These can be obtained at any local pharmacy. You should keep in mind, though, that people with a low process of nutrition don’t increase their chances but diminish them a lot, so they are less likely to be conceiving twins.

Other tips which enter in this category are to consume dairy products and yams, as these foods are known in certain cases to make the difference. The nutrients that are found in the yams assure that the ovaries are stimulated to produce more than just one egg in the period of ovulation.

It is indicated to stop the usage of birth-control pills, because in this process your level of hormones is trying to enter into his normal function and in the first month or so, ovaries can sometimes produce more than one egg. This observation is not proven yet but it won’t cost you, assuming that you want to conceive twins.

You can also apply to the opinion of a specialist. Seeing a doctor can increase your chances of having twins especially if that doctor is an Octomom or other specialized healthcare professional. Among the reasons that a doctor helps his patients to conceive twins can be the patient’s age, request for medical help (or request for medical tips on how to increase the chances of conceiving your twins) or other medical issues. For example, if you want to become a twin mother and you are older, the risk of birth defects in the pregnancy is much lower in the cases of twinning that in a single pregnancy.

In case you want to use IVF, please take into consideration that you’ll be spending a serious amount of money and you should also know that each IVF egg has a lower chance of being implanted into your body. But there is always the possibility to test it and in the implanting process used by doctors if one egg sticks, then it would be probable that the others do so as well.

If you don’t want to apply for this method, you can always choose (only accepting the doctor’s recommendation) a medicine called Clomid. It increases the chances of having twins or even more babies because it directly acts upon the ovaries to drop more eggs. Usually Clomid is used for women that don’t ovulate, but if you take it when you aren’t confronted with such problems increases your desired conceiving chances (so you don’t have to fear using Clomid, even if you have regular ovulation).

Another increase can be proven while breastfeeding, when the conceiving rate is higher in this process and the ovulating process is still going on.

To give birth is a huge blessing and a woman can certainly feel that her body not only changed, but adapted to the new season that came in her life. Twins can bring a lot of joy in your life and your life as a mother will experience not only changes, but also your children will leave a positive mark in your heart, occupying a very special inner place of your emotions and full inner world.