In every couple, there is a moment of planning a new life entry, and it is the new decision that will change everything in the dynamics and the way of starting each day. Whether a baby boy or a baby girl, a child will change everything, as your perception of doing things will rapidly switch. But what if instead of one there will be two babies at the same time, enabling you to enjoy twins?

Many families have in their hearts a strong desire to conceive twins, but this is where things will start to happen. With a little luck and some tips as a guideline, your house will be full of sounds of crazy little laughter and a lot of joy. Soon, you realize that you have to take every new day which comes to your path and just know that children are indeed a powerful blessing, and be happy for this reality.

Challenges might arrive and the work you’ll have to do will be more than usual, but the rewards are as great as you invest in them. If your next question is how to conceive twins then you should know that there are some important factors that will help you in this process.

It is said that the history of a family is important. Well, this fact applies a lot to the genetic legacy you are provided with, especially in the case of the mothers who are the carriers of the womb fruit. If in your family there where cases of twins then you have high chances to conceive them, and this is due to a hyper ovulation gene that was transmitted. However, this case doesn’t apply a lot to the father’s side.

Your partner will not only play a part of supporting, but he can also eat a lot of foods that have zinc in them, in sufficient amounts. Eating certain foods like oysters, bread and many other nutrients that are rich in zinc can conduct his sperm to be more mobile and healthy in fertilizing more than one egg.

The second factor that plays an important role is the ethnic background. Surveys that were made across the years in the numbers of population attest the fact that the African and American women have a direct and solid predisposition to conceive twins. And, if as a woman you are of such descent, then your wish can be turned into reality a lot easier.

The age is estimated to bring important changes in the body, so it is one of the influencing factors, benefiting you with predisposition to conceive twins. The biological clock reassures an entrance of producing more than one egg in the ovulation period.

But don’t let yourself discouraged if you are young parents and you want to conceive twins, because there are many other techniques that can help. Your diet plays a significant role in assuring a higher rate, a higher level of succeeding. Try to have a higher level of weight in your body, but in this process it’s crucial to consult a dietitian who will establish some healthy plans with you and will also tell you how to gain some extra kilos without becoming obese. When you are putting on some weight, your body produces some changes in the reproductive hormones, as well as in the secretions.

You can also use stimulating foods that have the role to increase your ovulation rate by producing an increase in the secretion of some of your hormones. Your ovaries will then be stimulated to produce more or multiple eggs,this being a good thing, since you and your partner want to conceive twins.

In the category of the foods that produce this effect we can mention milk or to say so, dairy products or wild yams (also known as a certain types of sweet potatoes or cassava). Also you can eat tofu, and whole wheat,which are rich in proteins or in a reduced quantity, some high cholesterol food. All these foods have that same attribution to increase more than three times the chances of conceiving twins by supporting your ovarian functions.

Many other remedies remain if you want to conceive twins, for example there is always the way of getting medical assistance, pills that can be prescribed by the specialized healthcare practitioners. One of these pills is called Clomiphene citrate, a pill that has the effects of producing a hyper-ovulation into the body. You can also go for in vitro fertilization, where a number of embryos are being implanted in the uterine cavity.

Or if you want a more natural way, eat some green vegetables that have a rich consistence in pregnancy proteins like spinach, asparagus, broccoli or fruits like orange and so on. Another advice is to take folic acid, this leading to a growth in your opportunity to have twins. Also folic acid is a good remedy to reduce the risk of anemia in the months of your pregnancy.

The level of prolactin is higher when you are breastfeeding and in this undergoing process you have a great predisposition in which your ovaries are realizing a various number of eggs. So, breastfeeding will not stop your eggs to multiply and the chances of conceiving twins are eight times higher during this natural process.

A number of women attested that they’ve conceived twins after they’ve stopped taking the birth control pills and this is also due to a mass stimulation of the ovaries which are starting to produce eggs.

To get pregnant with twins is a dream which comes true for many of the couples who are waiting patiently for this beautiful process to be accomplished. Conceiving twins can sometimes be like a leap of faith or in other cases a pure luck, but mostly your help can come from where you expect it less. Your history genetic is one of the huge factors in the process of conceiving twins.

Many mothers want to have a large family, and two or more babies of close ages, providing them with the benefit of having someone to play with and grow with, share memories with, with someone of their own age to have their backs protected. The theme of twins is starting to become catchier as people realize that the experience shared and achieved is doubled by this beautiful and lovely experience, given only by twins who will definitely enrich your lives in many amazing ways.