Many family and couples will try the idea of nurturing to two babies at the same time and to have this opportunity to gain experience on the double shift with this process. The whole idea on how to have twins is starting to expand more and more in the society of today. Couples’ opinions vary a lot and have different impact upon their ways of seeing and perceiving things.

In a family where you grew up as a twin or you had siblings who were twins, your way of acknowledging and measuring facts, ideas or things is quite different, especially compared to a mother who only had single pregnancies. Sometimes, the mentality of your friends and parents and the environment that you raised in can also influence your points of view on such aspects of life.

Experts assume that there are many cases of twin pregnancies than we are usually aware of. This is good news for the mothers who want to learn how to have twins. The lesson of knowledge can be used as a guideline that will mentorship you in understanding how many types of twins there are and how they can be conceived. This is correct as there are various tips, strategies and studies showing that mothers can influence the conceiving period, giving higher chances to twins than to single pregnancies.

As a woman and as a future twin mother you should know that there the identical twins, who are usually formed in an egg that has been fertilized by one sperm. Then, the process of division takes place, leading to two separate embryos. Another fact is that identical twins share the placenta and they have the same genetic gene and information in their bodies.

On the other hand, there are the non-identical twins,who are formed by two eggs that are separate and fertilized by two sperms. These non-identical twins have their own placenta and the genetic gene is not the same, as their genetic composition is based on the same material as the one of the siblings belonging to the same parents.

If you wonder whether twins can be common in families or if they run in the same family across the generations, then the answer is that they (in most cases) run in the same family. This genetic sample should be on the side of the mother, because this increases the chances to have twins a lot. But the heritage is not always needed for providing a mother higher chances to conceive twins, as there can be many other aspects that will influence a woman to conceive twins, or to have a single pregnancy.

For example, there is a benefit in becoming older, it’s like the nature is preparing a new season for your body. Your chances increase a lot due to the natural consequences of menopause. Just before this process takes place, your body starts to have some changes, this involving the fact that her ovaries release more than one egg every month.

Also more than one egg can be released due to fertilization treatments that involve IVF also known as in vitro fertilization or, by doctor’s prescription, pills that will guarantee an increase in the ovarian follicle.

Your genetics can contribute a lot, if in your family there were cases of non-identical twins then your chances of having twins increased a lot. The legacy that is left and transmitted from generation to generation plays an important role. If your relatives or you ancestors are of African or American descent, then you are a direct descendent and a carrier of a high rate of being able to conceive twins. Thus, you have a lot more chances than other women.

Many things do combine in your family and with your family, like the genetic parts or the fact that you were pregnant before, or you just had twins. In both of the cases we mentioned here, you are on the list to be an adequate candidate for having twins.

Nourish your body well, so that your BMI (body mass index) is much higher, but stay in the healthy parameters. The women who have extra kilos, compared to the ones who are thinner, have a larger predisposition to conceiving twins on the first try. But take care to make sure that you don’t become obese due to your diet, and it would be advisable to consult a doctor concerning this important matter. Many illnesses might occur in the obesity process, so it’s for the best to take care of your body and keep everything in perfect control, under medical supervision if possible.

Use folic acid supplements a month before conception, and you should also eat foods that encourage and increase the chances of having twins, such as yams,which are known to increase the process of ovarian function or dairy products are also widely known and accepted as helpful.

You can also increase your chances by suggesting your partner to eat oysters, cereals, bread, seeds and many other foods that have a good amount of zinc, thus making his sperm production healthier and with greater chances to fertilize more than one egg.

Breastfeeding your baby doesn’t mean that ovulation cannot produce more than two eggs. It is a fact that the women who are breastfeeding can raise their chances in giving birth to twins. But every gained chance you have will reduce the chances for a single pregnancy and will rise the percentage for twinning, enabling you to enjoy a double amount of happiness when giving birth.

The process of having twins can many times be rewarded in time when the children are growing and they have a partner to play with, their whole childhood will be filled with memories and for you as a mother, this experience can and will be an unforgettable one. A reassuring feeling is that what follows next, the only “harder” part can be the process of having and raising two babies at the same time.

As a women and a mother, if in your family you have a twin, then you should know that there is a huge predisposition to have twin babies yourself. On the father’s side, we can’t assume any predisposition as this only works on the mother’s generational side. But there is a possibility that the father would be able to pass a twin gene unto his daughter as a heritage. Thus, genetics can truly benefit some mothers.

The methods and strategies to help you with having twins is not an accurate science or any complicated fertilizing treatment.In some cases if you have a bit of luck then you might get pregnant with twins,without putting all of these ideas into practice. However, in other cases, applying these methods will guarantee the fulfillment which comes with conceiving twins and watching them grow under your very own eyes. You will enjoy life next to them as they will enjoy theirs together with you.